Senbonzakura Outfit Set (Ni no Sakura: Fan Dance)

Tenshi-no-Koromo, DDS Boy Type, DDS (SS Bust), DDS (S Bust), DDS (M Bust), DD (SS Bust), DD (S Bust), DD (M Bust), Autumn Season



Short description:

Performing a dance, Ni-no-Sakura

*The pictured doll is not included.

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Performing a dance, Ni-no-Sakura

“Senbonzakura” Outfit Sets for Kagamine Rin & Len are released!

With special wigs and Animatic Eyes included in these sets, your Rin and Len will be the characters of “Senbonzakura”!

In order to completely recreate Itto Maru's original illustration, we paid a lot of attention to the materials and sewing and made these very special outfit sets.


Product Description

  • Fits: DDS (SS-S-M Bust Only & Boy Type), DD (SS-S-M Bust Only)
  • Includes: Hat, Overcoat, Kimono Jacket, Gloves, Shorts, Socks, Boots, Wig, Special Animetic Eyes


Important Notes

  • What included in this set are the items listed in "Includes"section. The pictured doll is not included.
  • The item pictured is a sample. Please understand the items included may change and the actual product may vary.
  • Please be careful as the color of the item may stain the surface of the doll.
  • Depending on the design, some item may not fit the old-type body which is no longer in production.
  • The item contains very delicate sewn areas, so please handle it with extra care.
  • Depending on the design, disassembly may be required to put on the outfits.
  • Tenshi-no-Koromo
  • DDS Boy Type
  • DDS (SS Bust)
  • DDS (S Bust)
  • DDS (M Bust)
  • DD (SS Bust)
  • DD (S Bust)
  • DD (M Bust)
  • Autumn Season

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