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Tohya Button Set

Included: 2 Buttons for 10th Anniversary Strap (Tohya, Luggage) *The item pictured is a sample. Please understand the items included may change and the...

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With the premise being that a DD did not actually have to be standing on the base itself to be supported, we took the base size to its smallest limit, so as it make it as unnoticeable as possible!

This is a space-saving optional base for those of you who are concerned with the width of a stand's base when lining up many DDs together.

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DD Stand

Newly developed by Zoukei-Mura until the details of the shape, basic structure, and size had been perfected!
The arm is mobile, multiple bases can easily be clustered for group photos, and the shape is a stylish hexagon.
Please do experience for yourself the charm of this new stand, created only for DD!!

CHECK these five important points about the "DD Stand"!!

Point 1: It was made just for DD, so it's comfortable to use!
Point 2: Lots of different assembly combinations!
Point 3: It's transparent, so it won't stand out.
Point 4: Convenient for photography! It's possible to attach the stand to a tripod.

Point 5: More possibilities using separately sold optional parts!!

With no tripod attachment opening, and only one arm attachment opening, this is a simple base with an emphasis on appearance.

We recommend this stand for those who will only be using the DD stand for its most basic purpose.

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