Entry Badge - Dolpa in LA 4 2019



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Entry Badge for Dolpa in LA 4 2019.

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 This item includes these services. 

  1. Entrance to the "Dolpa in LA4 (9/7-9/8)" Event
  2. Join the "Early-Bird Entry / Entry Lottery (9/8)" Event
  3. Join the "Lottery for the Limited Dollfie®"

[Acceptance Period]

 Starting from 6/3 ~ 7/31

[Delivery Date]

 Expected to be Early August of 2019

[Important Notices]

  1. This badge is for one person.
  2. VOLKS USA will mail the badge to the shipping address. Please bring it on the event day.
  3. Please keep in mind that you cannot join to Tea Party (9/7) with this ticket.
  4. By purchasing this badge, you confirm that have read and agree to our "Event Policies" of Dolls Party in LA 4 -2019-. Since the policies are subject to change without notice, please check back with the latest information.

[Cancellation Policies]

  1. Please be aware that cancellations will not be accepted once the order has been placed.
  2. Lost badge can be reissued for an additional charge.

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