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To celebrate the Super Dollfie® 20 th Anniversary, a book overflowing with special projects has been published! With the...
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To celebrate the Super Dollfie® 20th Anniversary, a book overflowing with special projects has been published!

With the collaborative effort of VOLKS INC.’s sculpting department ZOUKEI-MURA and the Doll Design Department – a gallery of beloved Limited Models and new makeup guides isincluded inside!

Exclusive Interviews” about the Super Dollfie® development story are presented by the “VOLKS President”, “Executive Director”, “Original Sculptor”, and “Professional Makeup Artist”!

This book is filled with information and celebrates the 20 th anniversary of Japan’s world of doll hobbies!


  1. ”Nakahara Junichi Pattern Ver.” *All 16 are catalogued inside!
  2. ”What is Super Dollfie®?” *Full explanation on their features and types!
  3. ”Color Coordination Look Book”, “Mixing and Matching Fashion Items in 5 days”,
  4. “Latest SD Makeup Styles” *SD appeared in fashion magazines!
  5. “The Rose of Versailles”, “Boys Dormitory”, “Harajuku Memories”, “Echoes of a Beautiful Banquet” *A gallery of these Limited Models is inside!
  6. “Exclusive Interview” *Super Dollfie® development stories are revealed!
  7. “Dolpa 40” Attendance Report

[A Message from VOLKS]

Super Dollfie® is a unique doll with excellent articulation that allows for a wide range of posing ability.

Since they are crafted in urethane resin, they are durable and can be carried around.

You can meet your dream Dollfie® by choosing your desired parts and makeup from a countless number of variations

This book is highly recommended for new comers and veteran Dollfie® owners a like!

[Special Feature : "QLQL (KuruKuru)"]

This book features QR Codes that will link you to 360 degree “QLQL (KuruKuru)” images of Dollfie® on your smartphone or tablet!

You can now virtually admire the latest makeup styles on premium Dollfie® heads, wigs, and more from various angles without having them in front of you!

[Important Notes]

  • Please be aware that this is written in Japanese.
  • The item pictured is a sample. Please understand the items included may change and the actual product may vary.

[Book Information]

  • Single Book (Softcover):110 Pages
  • Published By:Fusosha Publishing
  • Collaboration:VOLKS INC.
  • Language:Japanese
  • Size:A4(21 cm x 29 cm)
  • Release Date:March 9, 2019

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