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Delivery Date: Late January, 2019
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DDH-12 from Doll Point Akihabara's "Dream Choice" will be available for Pre-Order!

This popular head-type is normally available only through "Dream Choice" in Japan. For a limited time DD fans will be able to pre-order this head-type through VOLKS USA!
Since the mouth on this head-type is flat, you can create a lot of different expressions!

[Item Details]

  • Sizes: MDD Base Body, MDD Base Body III, DDP Base Body, DDS Base Body, DD Base Body II, DD Base Body III, DDdy Base Body, DDdy Base Body III
  • Wig Fit: This head can wear any wigs fitted for Dollfie Dream® Size.

Recommended Items:

[Make-up Tools]

For make-up, we recommend painting with " Acrylics" and "Pastels"!

We also have a make-up kit called " Dollfie® Make-Up Starter Kit" for starters and veterans!

[Available Eye Choices]

[Care Items]

[What is the difference between the firm and soft head caps?]

A soft head cap is just how it sounds, softer!

While the firm DD head cap has the same hardness as the rest of their vinyl skin, the soft head caps are more pliable. This makes the soft ones easier to remove. However, the soft head caps are more susceptible to staining than the firm head caps, as the softer vinyl gets, the more easily it becomes stained.

Please be aware of such if it concerns you.

[Important Notes]

  • Please be aware that because of aging, lot difference, or other factors, there may be some color difference between these optional parts and your doll.
  • This item is the unpainted head only. Body etc are not included.
  • Please take care to avoid staining. Please store in a location away from high temperatures. We recommend the use of a "Dollfie Head Cap" to prevent the wig from staining the doll's head.
  • The item pictured is a sample. Please understand the items included may change and the actual product may vary.
  • Please take note of these precautions before purchasing as VOLKS cannot replace stained dolls or parts: Due to Dollfie Dream's soft vinyl skin they can be easily stained. This is not considered a defect. Some staining cannot be avoided. Your Dollfie Dream CANNOT be 100% protected, but protective items do help to prevent staining and lessen the seriousness of any staining. When traveling with or storing Dollfie Dream please take care to wrap her with a white or light colored cloth.

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