Myrtille Ribbon Dress / Mini

LPC Pink Label, MSD Girls & Boys, SDMidi Girls & Boys, SDCute Girls, MDD (S Bust), MDD (M Bust), MDD (L Bust), DDP (S Bust), Winter Season



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Dolls Party40 Outfit Collection Lottery


  • Entry Period: 2/22 ~ 2/25 9:00 AM (PT)
  • Result & Payment: 3/01 ~ 3/04 9:00 AM (PT)

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[Product Description]

Fit:  MSD Girls & Boys / SDM Girls & Boys / SDC Girls / MDD (S-M-L Bust) / DDP (S Bust)

Includes:  Hat, Detached Collar, Dress, Petticoat

Model:  SDMG Noa

[Important Notes]

  • Doll, wig, etc are not included.
  • Depending on the design, disassembly may be required to put on some of the outfits.
  • Please be careful as the color of the outfit may stain the surface of the doll.
  • The item pictured is a sample. Please understand the items included may change and the actual product may vary.
  • The outfit contains very delicate sewn areas. Rough treatment is liable to cause damage, so please take care when handling the outfit.
  • This item is limited in quantity. Once this item is sold out, it may not be restocked again.
  • Depending on the design of the clothing, the older, "first edition" SD Girl model may not be able to wear certain outfits.
  • LPC Pink Label
  • MSD Girls & Boys
  • SDMidi Girls & Boys
  • SDCute Girls
  • MDD (S Bust)
  • MDD (M Bust)
  • MDD (L Bust)
  • DDP (S Bust)
  • Winter Season

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