What is Web Shopping?

Web shopping includes the purchase or reservation of items or information from VOLKS USA by registered Web users on VOLKS USA Store site offered by VOLKS USA. Web shopping on VOLKS USA store is performed by using the item sales, item reservation or item information use service (hereinafter referred to as “Sales Service”), which are among the Services available for registered Web users. Web shopping is available through the following Sales Services on VOLKS USA Store. Payment for Web shopping using the Sales Services is subject to Web Shopping agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”).

Web Shopping Agreement

[Article 1. Jurisdiction of the Agreement]

  1. This agreement applies to the Customers using the Sales Services (defined in Article 2).
  2. We may update this agreement periodically without notice. We will release the modified agreement to the Customers as we feel appropriate.

[Article 2. Definition]

  1. A Customer is defined as a person who has accepted this Agreement and has been registered for Web Shopping / Web Site Store according to the designated registration procedures.
  2. A registered Web user is defined as an individual who has accepted this agreement. The registration information of corporate information or etc is invalid.
  3. The Customer is required to promptly notify VOLKS USA of any change in registration data, such as changes in addresses, names, and/or telephone numbers, in the manner designated by VOLKS USA.
  4. The Customer is liable for their registration data.

[Article 3.Purchase]

  1. The Customer may order items from VOLKS USA using the Sales Service.
  2. The Customer is required to order in the manner as designated by VOLKS USA.
  3. The contract for sale between the Customer and VOLKS USA is effective when VOLKS USA notifies the Customer via email of the approval of their application for purchase.
  4. VOLKS USA reserves the right to annul or cancel the contract for sale or take appropriate measures, regardless of the above Article.3 paragraph 3, when the Customer violates this agreement.
  5. The Customer is required to give an order within the quota of items per person where stated on VOLKS USA Store.

[Article 4. Payment]

  1. The Customer is required to submit the payment for the items purchased using credit card or PayPal.
  2. The price for online shopping is inclusive of the merchandise price, shipping cost,handling cost, the consumption tax and the local tax.
  3. The Customer agrees to indemnify and hold VOLKS USA harmless from and against any claim or demand arising from any dispute (not by the fault of VOLKS USA) between the Customer and the carrier. The Customer agrees to settle the matter with the carrier and not cause trouble, loss or damage to VOLKS USA.

[Article 5. Payment]

Payment by credit card

  1. When paying by credit card, the Customer must use their own authentic and verifiable credit card. The payment by credit card is made pursuant to a contract made between the Customer and the credit card company.
  2. VOLKS USA shall request the approval of the use of credit card to the credit card company in the manner as designated by Volks.
  3. When paying by credit card, the Customer agrees to pay the price based on the sales contract between the Customer and VOLKS USA to the credit card company. VOLKS USA shall receive reimbursement from the credit card company.

Payment by PayPal

If you select a PayPal Payment, a PayPal log in screen will be shown during the payment procedures on the VOLKS USA Store. Please follow the instructions displayed to process a payment. Item prices, shipping fees and also an additional handling fee are charged.

  • You need to open a PayPal account before you order.
  • Handling fee for PayPal is depended on the item price and its shipping fees.
  • We do not accept the direct transaction to our PayPal account.

[Article 6. Shipping/Delivery]

  1. We use a courier service with a delivery company designated by us. The shipping and handling fees shall be paid by the web store users.
  2. We shall contact the web store users or send them the ordered goods, utilizing the contact information registered in our web store system by the said users. The goods purchased through our web store shall be shipped and delivered only to the address as listed in the users contact information. If the contact information was not correct and the goods did not arrive to the person who placed the order, we shall be exempt from any liability for this shipping.
  3. When the goods are not delivered due to the purchaser's absence and we do not hear anything from the purchaser for a week from the date that the merchandise is shipped out, we have the right to cancel the order.
  4. The shipping and handling fees will be charged to the purchaser per order.

[Article 7. Returns]

  1. The Customer may return the merchandise only when it is marked or damaged on delivery, when incorrect merchandise is sent, or when VOLKS USA otherwise accepts the return.
  2. The Customer may cancel the contract (if the product cannot be returned) only when they dispatch the product for return within 14 days of the receipt.
  3. The Customer takes the steps designated by VOLKS USA otherwise to return the product in a situation applicable to the above Article.7 paragraph 1.
  4. In case of the order is returned due to your own circumstances (A receiver “Is not at the shipping address for long period of time”, “Refuses delivery” or etc), the usage of your user account will be suspended and we will decline to do business with you in future.

[Article 8.Restrictions and Prohibitions]

The Customer agrees not to:

  1. carry out any act with no intent to purchase
  2. pay for the merchandise from the Sales Service by dishonest use of credit card
  3. use the Sales Service in an illegal way
  4. carry out any act VOLKS USA consider to be objectionable when using the Sales Service

[Article 9. Violation of Law]

  1. The Customer agrees to observe all the applicable laws, regulations and orders (including, but not limited to, the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law).

[Article 10. Disclaimer]

  1. The Customer understands that by using Web shopping, their Personal Information (including the credit card number) transmitted via the Internet may be at risk. The Customer, not Volks, is entirely responsible for any transmissions via the Internet.
  2. VOLKS USA disclaims all warranties of any kind, including the warranties of the quality and functions of items on sale for the Sales Service and their compatibility with other products, unless provided in this Agreement.
  3. Under no circumstances will VOLKS USA be liable in any way for any loss, damage, or disadvantage of any kind incurred as a result of, and relating to, the use of the Sales Service and the items on sale for the Sales Service, unless provided within this Agreement.

Additional Clause:

This Agreement shall be effective from May 1st, 2014. The official Web shopping agreement is written in Japanese and provides the basis for application to the Customers. This English translation is provided solely for the convenience of applicants, and differences and/or omissions due to translation may not be considered legally binding.