D.K. No.013 Starter Pack Red Knight A set



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' 【Product Description】 The “Red Knight” is the summoned machine from the Kouka Girls...
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【Product Description】

The “Red Knight” is the summoned machine from the Kouka Girls University-affiliated High School, the third series of VLOCKer’s original story “Gakuen Kishi Duel Knights”.
A curved flowery motif design with deep red coloring with the elegant attire is mixed with a fighting style of a hammer and iron ball.With “Red Knight A set”, you will completely be able to reproduce the “Red Knight Rose” and “Red Knight Freezia”, the three different combat forms! The default mode is “Archetype Mode”

From then on, you’ll be able to choose “Implementation mode” which is only unlocked when special conditions are open! Lastly is “Attack mode” where with a special combination of unique equipment, the finishing blow is unleashed! 

Parts Included 

Red Knight Archetype×1 Body,ABS Parts× 1 set, ABS Runner×3Runners, K-Joint×1 Runner, S-Joint×1 Runner, A-B-C-Joint×1 Runner, L-T-Joint×1 Runner

What is the "Gakuen Kishi Duel Knights" ?

This is an original WEB comic based on the VLOCKer's item presented on the VOLKS Website.


【Important Note about VLOCKer's

  1. The item pictured is a sample. Please understand the items included may change
      and the actual product may vary. 

  2. This item is intended for collectors older than 15 years of age.

  3. Please read through the “instruction manual” before you start assembling.

  4. In order to faithfully reproduce the model, this item may contain pointed parts.
      Please be careful in handling.

  5. *Choking Hazard* This item may contain small parts.

  6. Please do not cover your face or head with the plastic bag that contained the parts.
      There is a risk of suffocation.

  7. This item is made to precision. It can be damaged by dropping or bending
      toward the unreasonable direction.

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