Gaia Resin Wash T-03m 500ml



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Mold Lubricant Remover

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This is a solvent that strongly drops mold lubricant of resin cast and white metal parts.

Soak resin and white metal parts for ~10 minutes in a separate container. After soaking, rinse parts with dish soap.

Use a covered container since the Resin Wash evaporates quickly.
The Resin Wash can be used up to 5 times depending on the size and amount of parts washed.

Volume: 500ml


This item is considered to contain “ Hazardous Materials” by shipping companies. Due to its flammable properties, VOLKS USA, Inc. can only ship this item to the 48 continental states through Surface Only. Unfortunately shipment of this item to non-continental USA states (Hawaii and Alaska) and international (Canada and Mexico) is not allowed.

Continental States: VOLKS USA, Inc. is required to ship this item through surface shipping which may take seven to ten days for delivery for any shipping option was chosen. Hazardous items may not be shipped to P.O. Box addresses.

Non-Continental USA and International: If this item is found in your order, VOLKS USA, Inc. will contact you to modify your order (switch to different shipping options or split into separate orders). Otherwise, your order may subject to cancellation.

  • For ages over 15.
  • You may also choose to wear gloves if you have a history of skin reactions and we recommend washing skin after contact.
  • This product is highly flammable. Please keep it away from open flame and excessive heat. Handle with care.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not puncture.
  • The item pictured is a sample. Please understand the items included may change and the actual product may vary.

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