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What is Super Dollfie®?

Come into the little universe of "Another Yourself".

The concept of “Another Yourself” is a lovely path where one can take a Super Dollfie® and create a being you can truly call your own. The Super Dollfie® is a comforting companion that shares your life as it grows with you and soars with you into the sky. It is a miracle doll that stays by your side and comforts you from the bottom of its heart. Your life will be completely change once you have a Super Dollfie® by your side.

SD Midi Girl
SD Midi Boy
SD Girl
SDGr Boy
SD 16 Girl

Super Dollfie® as a Ball-Jointed Doll

Super Dollfie® is a doll made in Japan to make your dreams come true. In 1998, this new ball-jointed doll made of resin was manufactured by ZOUKEI-MURA of VOLKS, Inc. Differing from traditional ball-jointed dolls, the excellent articulation of the doll structure allows for a wide range of posing ability for your Super Dollfie®. Combining its mobility with its distinctive figure, one can truly achieve the perfect look of grace.

Super Dollfie® is crafted by the use of thermosetting high polymer called urethane resin. It is a material that is not as soft as cotton or silicon and is not as fragile as pottery or plaster. Its durability is suitable for customizing, dressing, and posing.

Therefore because this new doll is made of urethane resin, they can be customized. The Dollfie® has brought a new doll hobby culture to the world.


Through the Super Dollfie® Full Choice System, a beloved child that exists only for you will be brought to life.

The Full Choice System is a way in which your hopes and dreams can be realized in the form of a Super Dollfie®. The Super Dollfie® that you envision will be created with gentleness and care by ZOUKEI-MURA in Kyoto, Japan.

You can create and assemble your dream Super Dollfie® by choosing your preferred parts from an abundant range of options. At ZOUKEI-MURA in Kyoto, we will assemble together a Super Dollfie® that exists only for you with the greatest care and devotion. We will then deliver them into your waiting arms.

The Super Dollfie® Full Choice System is now reborn as an online service dedicated to customers residing in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Beginning in June 2014, VOLKS USA will begin accepting orders for the Full Choice Models online. From the comfort of your own room, you can order your dream doll across the waters to ZOUKEI-MURA located in Kyoto, Japan. Each doll being hand crafted one by one, it will take some time before it gets delivered, but we will deliver them to you with our whole heart. Please use this Online Full Choice System in order to make your dreams come true.


Envision the image of the Super Dollfie® that you wish to welcome.

*This Dollfie® pictured is a sample.

・ Each month we offer a random selection of head molds.
・ Choose from different types of body parts to achieve the look of your Super Dollfie®.
・ Have option of having make-up with a wide selection of glass eye colors to choose from.
・ Have option of adding Satogaeri Services to enhance your Super Dollfie® experience.

Welcome a Super Dollfie® into your home

This section will explain the process of placing an order and receiving your Super Dollfie®. Time of delivery will be approximately two months. The Super Dollfie® ordered through the Online FCS will have a different process compared to regular items being shipped from VOLKS USA. Please be sure to read the following steps.

1. Order from our Online FCS

Orders are received from the 1st to the 10th of each specific month.
After the order acceptance period, your order will be sent immediately to ZOUKEI-MURA in Kyoto, Japan.

2. Assembly and Makeup at ZOUKEI-MURA in Kyoto, Japan

Each Super Dollfie® will be created individually at ZOUKEI-MURA, and this process takes approximately 1 month.

3. Shipping from Japan to VOLKS USA

Your SD will be handcrafted by an artist at ZOUKEI-MURA and will be shipped from Japan to VOLKS USA. This process may also take approximately 1 month.

4. Delivery from VOLKS USA to your waiting arms

Your SD will be delivered to you soon after it is properly checked and gently packed by the staff at VOLKS USA.