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Super Dollfie® Graffiti Boy

Super Dollfie® Graffiti Boy is your older mature self as you find yourself transitioning from being a boy to a man…

You were so young and reckless; you couldn’t retain your vibrant thoughts of a life filled with adventure. You longed to be out of your overprotective mother’s sight and learn to be on your own. The world was not what you had expected, but you push yourself to move forward to seek your unforeseen dream.

This Super Dollfie® Graffiti Boy will remind you of your adolescent times filled with beauty and youth.

Features of the Super Dollfie® Grafitti Boy

Super Dollfie® Grafitti is approximately 24 inches (62cm) high with three body parts split at the chest, waist, and hip. This doll shares some compatible body parts and heads with the Super Dollfie® 13 Boy.

The SD Graffiti Boy has double-jointed limbs and a delicate body line with an extra split parts. These mechanisms allow this boy doll to have advanced movability and posability.

Online Full Choice Update

Introducing New SD Head Parts

SD Head Parts popular in the FCS lineup in Japan, have finally appeared on Online Full Choice System.

Sample Models of the Super Dollfie® Graffiti Boy

You can coordinate your Full Choice Model like this!

(Natural Makeup)
(Vivid Makeup)
(Natural Makeup)
(Vivid Makeup)
(Vivid Makeup)

*The pictured Dollfie® are samples.

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Steps of Online Full Choice System:

This section will guide you through our 5-step process on how to place an order through the Online FCS. If this is your first time ordering with us, please be sure to read through the following guide for Online FCS carefully.

1. Choosing the body parts of your dream SDGr Boy

This first step will ask you to choose your SDGr Boy body parts including the gender of your SDGr Boy. Please check the sample and use them as a reference for your dream doll. The body parts you will be able to select are listed below;

  •  * Skin Color (SDGr-SC)
  •  * Head Parts (SD-F)
  •  * Body and Arm Parts (SDGrB-B & SDGrB-A)
  •  * Hand Parts (SD13B-H)
  •  * Leg Parts (SDGrB-L)
  •  * Foot Parts (SDGrB-FO)

The body parts are included in the basic price ($770)

2. Would you like to have Makeup on your SDGr Boy’s face?

This step provides you with the option of selecting Makeup for your SDGr Boy’s face. If you wish to have Makeup, please select the “Coordinated Makeup” option and fill out your Makeup menu according to the questions provided. The services provided are listed below;

  •  1. Airbrush makeup by ZOUKEI-MURA artists (with options of Natural or Vivid makeup style)
  •  2. UV Coating with a Matte finish giving the skin a soft velvety feel.
  •  3. ZOUKEI-MURA Glass Eyes (with different options of size, color, and eye placement).
  •  4. Eyelashes (with fixed color and design)
  •  5. Lip gloss and gloss around the eyes

This Makeup service will be an additional charge (+$110) to the basic price.

3. Would you like to have have an extra hand part for your SDGr Boy?

Due to the dexterity of the ball joints of the Super Dollfie® there are endless possibilities for your SDGr Boy to express themselves with our extra hand parts. We offer a variety of posing options and these special hand parts are only available through the Online Full Choice System.

Extra hand parts will be an additional charge (+$42) to the basic price.

4. Would you like to have “Satogaeri Services” for your SDGr Boy?

The Satogaeri Service is an aesthetic service to help preserve your Super Dollfie® to stay with you in the best condition. This service is especially recommended for individuals welcoming a SD for the first time. The services provided are listed below;

  • * Seam Line Removal: Obtain flawless smooth skin
  • * Hand Seam Line Removal: Remove Seam Line for hand parts only
  • * Option Hand Seam Line Removal: For the extra option hand parts
  • * Body Coating: Give matte finish to the skin with a soft and velvety feel
  • * Setting the Self-Standing Parts: To provide more posability

You will be requested an additional charge depending on which Satogaeri Service is selected.

FAQ about Ordering Online FCS:

Q1: What am I expected to do after I place my pre-order?

A: An invoice will be sent to you at the email address provided used at the time of your order. Please make sure to keep that invoice with you. VOLKS USA will contact you as soon as we are ready to ship your order. We will keep record of your order in our system. However, if you do not receive an invoice from us after you place your order, please contact our Customer Service immediately.

Q2: What will be included in the basic price of Online FCS?

A: The basic price of Online FCS includes:

  • * Body Parts you select during the first step
  • * Super Dollfie® Guide Book (English)
  • * Birth certificate of your Super Dollfie®
  • * Extra KIPS or "Keep-It-Places" *little silicone disks for your SD
  • * Super Dollfie® Maintenance Goods (Dollfie Wig Oil Spray, Hair Brush, and Pikatto Kirei Sponge Cleaner)
  • * SDGr Boy sized futon
  • * SDGr Boy sized FCS Box

Note: Online FCS will not include any wigs, dresses, shoes, or accessories.

Q3: Where am I able to purchase doll goods such as wigs, dresses, shoes, or accessories for my Super Dollfie®?

A: Please visit the VOLKS USA Dollfie Store where you will find multiple goods for your Super Dollfie®. You are also able to purchase SD goods through VOLKS International web-store.
Note: If you have any questions in regards to item suitability, availability, etc. Please do not hesitate to contact VOLKS USA Customer Service before ordering for your SD.

Q4: How many extra hand parts am I able to order?

A: You are able to include one extra pair of hands per order. Since SDGr Boy and SD13 Boy share the same hand parts, you will be able to purchase them at our Dollfie® Store. However, some SD13 Boy hand parts are only available through the Online Full Choice System.

Q5: Are we going to have more choices on Online Full Choice System in the future?

A: VOLKS USA will be adding more choices to the Online FCS menu in the future. If you would like to receive the latest news of Online FCS, please subscribe to our Dollfie's Newsletter or visit VOLKS USA Facebook.

Please contact VOLKS USA Customer Service before ordering if you have any questions about the order of Online Full Choice System.

  • VOLKS USA Customer Service:
  • Phone : 310-782-8324
  • Email:
  • Office hours: Mon – Fri 11:00 – 18:00 PST / Closed Sat. Sun. & Holidays

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