Due to the emergency, VOLKS USA, INC. will temporarily cease operations until April 19.
All orders will be shipped out starting April 20.

What is a Dolls Party After Event?

In Japan, VOLKS regularly conducts events throughout the year called Dolls Party or “Dolpa” for short.

During these events, special Limited Edition SD (Super Dollfie®) and DD (Dollfie Dream®), outfits, and their related items are released to our customers who attend.

However, since we know that all our customers may not be able to attend these events in person we hold separate events online called the “Dolls Party After Event”.

During these After Events, we offer the same Limited Edition Dollfie®, Outfits, and their related items to our customers online through our website after the main physical event.

If you aren't able to attend our Dolls Party events in person, our Dolls Party After Events is your No. 1 chance to purchase these items! Be sure to join us during these virtual events!

Don't forget that these items are Limited Edition! Once they're sold out, they will no longer be available!